Introducing our Friday Folly Headliner: Darren Kiely!

Folly Festival – Friday 5th July

We’re thrilled to announce that Darren Kiely will be taking to the stage as our Friday night headliner on July 5th at Folly Festival @ Cullohill Castle, Co. Laois!

Hailing from a picturesque town in Co. Cork, Ireland, Darren Kiely brings a unique blend of folk-infused pop that will enchant and captivate audiences. His musical journey began at a tender age, mastering instruments like the tin whistle, fiddle, and guitar, fueled by his deep-rooted love for traditional Irish music.

Inspired by modern greats like The Lumineers, Darren’s sound seamlessly weaves together the old and the new, creating melodies that resonate with the soul. His raw and fervent vocals, coupled with his emotive delivery, have earned him widespread acclaim.

After honing his craft and winning numerous accolades in Irish traditional music, Darren ventured to New York in 2022 to pursue his musical aspirations further. Since then, he has soared to new heights, earning a #1 on the Irish homegrown charts with “Sunrise” and spots on Ireland’s top 50 viral charts three times, with hits like “How Could You Love Me,” “Ella,” and “Time To Leave.”

With an impressive 30 million total global streams and sold-out headlining shows at prestigious venues around the world like: The Academy in Dublin, Lafayette in London, Mercury Lounge in NY, and Adelaide Hall in Toronto. Darren Kiely is undoubtedly the next big name in music. Currently, Darren finds himself immersed in the vibrant songwriting scene of Nashville, Tennessee, where he’s crafting his next musical masterpiece set to debut later this year.

Don’t miss your chance to experience Darren Kiely’s captivating performance live at Folly Festival. Get your tickets now and join us for an unforgettable evening filled with music, magic, and memories!

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Let’s make Friday night at Folly Festival one to remember with Darren Kiely leading the way!